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Cape-Atlantic Aerial Service provides high quality aerial photo/video packages for ......

Real Estate / Property Management / Landscapers


High quality aerial real estate photographs and/or videos will provide that unique perspective that showcases the property amenities, landscape, and location to its maximum.  The UAV perspective is a natural choice for Campgrounds, Adventure Parks, and Golf Courses to market themselves due to their large geographical size that can only be seen from the view above.

Construction, Inspections, Property Suveys

Building Projects and Inspections such as a roof and/or solar panels can be easily performed and documented through all phases of the construction project.

Property owners and insurance companies can document and verify damage done to their properties after an accident or  natural disaster.  In the Spring of 2017, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAVs were used used by insurance companies in the mid-west to assist more clients faster with their claims after a major tornado event. 

Marine Showcases

Brokers and boat owners can utilize high quality photographs and HD videos of the marine craft to greatly enhance the presentation of the listed craft.  This extra highlight will separate your listing from the others and will undoubtedly lead to greater exposure and faster sales.


Events, Reunions, Family Gathering, Sunset Portraits

How about a photograph or video of a special event/location from a view from above!  A picture of your reunion or wedding that gets everyone in the picture at once with a beautiful backdrop!  A sunrise or sunset landscape that emphasizes the scene, not as much as the individual can be a classic. This is a great way to remember a location visited or your special event with a single shot or panoramic view.

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Safety and Flight Protocols

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