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Growing up on the beaches of Fort Lauderdale I have always had an attraction for the sun and sand.

As a child I dreamed of being a pilot and have always loved the perspective of  viewing from a height. 

Today I have that view, but through an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, UAV for short. 

There is something special and serene about a sunrise and sunset.  Living on a peninsula in Southern Cape May County we have amazing sunrises and sunsets over the water.  Capturing and sharing my aerial photographs is one way to share with everyone the beauty around us. 

I also realized there are many potential varied uses from the view generated through the UAV perspective.     In the above menu, Aerial Services will go into further detail of the UAV photography services available.


I am currently a retired teacher and coach from LCMR High School.

It is continually a passion to enlighten those around me, and it has been fulfilling doing so!

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